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Welcome to KHMER9.NET free music online collection. You can take a listen to all type of khmer songs and many others. It's not commercial purpose but to provide a sense of music for all music lovers. When you visit, you wanna support our website just "Send this page to friends" it's mean that you help to promote and feel free to do it. Follow copy rights and strongly recommend to buy original CDs from direct Owners.

 KHMER9.NET is collecting Khmer, English, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Mp3 songs, Music news, Free ringtones, Best photos, Music and Entertainment Affiliate programs. For Mp3 songs, Khmer songs collects from all productions both in Cambodia and abroad.  KHMER9.NET has Music and Entertainment for making visitor feel much relax when entering our website.

 KHMER9.NET won't and never involves in doing the business by violating the rights of others. Copy rights are strongly recommended and encourage to buy from direct owner of CDs,VCDs and MTVs.We are not making Business, We try to promote khmer songs to the world, if any productions are not allow please inform us, we will remove their songs from our website.