Keo Sarath The Best Collection 2017
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០២. គាប់ជួនថ្ងៃបុណ្យ DOWNLOAD
០៣. រាត្រីរនោច DOWNLOAD
០៤. យប់មិញខ្ញុំគេងយល់សប្តិ DOWNLOAD
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១១. ដីថ្មីចិត្តថ្មី DOWNLOAD
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១៥. ស្នេហ៍វ័យកុមារ DOWNLOAD
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២៤. ពិសាខដើមឆ្នាំ DOWNLOAD
២៥. ខ្នងភ្នំអនុស្សាវរីយ៍ DOWNLOAD
២៦. បងឃ្លាតឆ្ងាយស្រុក DOWNLOAD
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៣១. ខាវអ៊ីដាងដួងចិត្ត DOWNLOAD
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៤០. ចង់បានកូនប្រើ DOWNLOAD

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Keo Sarath , sometimes spelled Kev Sarath (1986-1991), was a very popular Cambodian singer.
During much of the bloody Khmer Rouge regime , he lived in a refugee camp on the Khmer-Thai border, where he began his musical career. He then traveled to the United States in Boston.A serious illness contracted during these difficult years had the better of him; he was not properly cared for. His often sad and nostalgic songs sing the love of the homeland, such as Sranos Dei Khmer , Visath Doeum Chhnam , Dei Thmey Chen Thmey , etc. More :

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