Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Music Collection] Super Collection of Mr.Khat Jame

Love Mr. Khat James'songs? Difficult to find? Here's the songs lists for you. Keep it to update ...
01.Bopha Kro Pum
02.Som Rek Besdoung
03.Snaeh Oun Chea Nik
04.Pneung Sneah
05.Thousands Messages
07.Dance that Ties Love
08. Pek Dem3 Oun
09.Khmean Lerk Ti 2
10.Oun Knung Besdong Bong
11.Chhorb Lngong
12.Chong Rok Sne
13.Janh Bouk Pak Paem
14.Peak Sonya
15.Thngai Sareap Sne
16.Ber Min Srlanh Anit Tver Avey
17.Moy Nea Chung Kroy
18.Sombat Brochan
19.Tub Chet Min Ban
20.Srlanh Borna Der Tver Oy Oun Kbort Bong
21.Louch Sne Doch Knea
22.Sne Oun Chea Dara
24.Moy Lean Chher
25.Tek Chet Kon Bros
26.Somtos Der Tver Oy Oun Srork Tek Pneak
27.Ptem Pi Chom 0 Bonh Chob Doy Chom 0
28.Bom Plech Min Ban
29.Bonh Job
31.Kherng Oun Yum Bong Kor Chher Chab
32.Komhus Bong
33.Vea Yo Reatrey
34.Kum Plech Kom Neat
35.M-nus Chung Kroy Der Kjom Srlanh
36.Bong L-ngong Prsos Oun
37.Kum Dak Tos Bong Na Oun
38.Pop Som Nang
39.Ros Kmean Som Nang
40.Thy Nat Chob Sne Thy Nat Ptach Sne
41.Pel Na Terb Oun Plech Ke
42.Som Tver M-nus Smos Chung
44.Jivit Nak Jos Touk
45.Nisay Sne Kolab Moy Tong
46.Srlanh Pas Oun Sim2
47.Saet Ey Saet Yang Nes
48.Chob Sne Thngai No El
49.Tek Chet Songsa
50.Teas Thngas Sdam Angeal Teas Chveng
51.Komdor Songsa Ke Chher Chab
52.Choub Sne Nov Phnom Penh


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