Sunday, September 22, 2013


File : MP3 
Bitrate : 192 kbps 
Quality : High 
Frequency : 44100Hz 
Channel : Stereo 
Size : MB 
Artist : Yuk thetratha, Nob Bayarith,Sok Seylalin

01. Kom Tver Charek Bros Saat-Yuk thetratha || Download
02. Nek Nas Cham Torosab Thlai-Nob Bayarith || Download
03. Bong Ke Neng Oun-Sok Seylalin || Download
04. Songsa Khnhom Kbot Khnhom-Nob Bayarith || Download
05. Sne Pit Mean Tae Knong Pheap Yon-Sok Seylalin || Download
06. Sne Tae Mkhang Neng Sne Ke Kbot Mouy Na Chher Chab-Yuk thetratha || Download
07. Monus Del Khnhom Smos Kert Hoy Reu Nov-Nob Bayarith-Nob Bayarith || Download
08. Pi Monos Del Bong Sarb-Sok Seylalin || Download
09. THE FIRST TIME-Sok Seylalin || Download
10. Saropheak Sne Mun Phen Dey Roleay-Nob Bayarith || Download
11. Ber Yerng Srolanh Knea Ke Keth Yang Na-Yuk thetratha || Download
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