Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Album] RHM VCD Vol 208 [Lonely You]

[Album] RHM VCD Vol 208 [Lonely You]
RHM VCD Karaoke Vol 208
Album Title: Lonely You
File Type : DAT
Featured Artists: Preap Sovath, Sapoun Midada, Nup Bayarith, Chit Sovanpanha, Chhon Sovannareach
01. Lonely You - Rith // Get It Here
02. Srolanh Bong Phong Ton Bong Srolanh Oun Klang - Sovath // Get It Here
03. Pibak Nas Pel Nek Dol Oun - Reach // Get It Here
04. Neak Kbort Keu Oun Neak Cheu Jab Keu Bong - Rith // Get It Here
05. I'll Be With You Forever - Panha // Get It Here
06. Trem Jea Mnus Bong Nek Bontob Pi Ke - Lalin // Get It Here
07. Oun Jea Songsa Bong Tae Mouy Kot - Reach Ft. Panha // Get It Here
08. Pel Pha-aem La-haem Tic Jeang Pel Cheu Jab - Panha // Get It Here
09. Tek Pneak Hoo Kmean Dong Haem - Lalin // Get It Here
10. Brab Songsa Oun Phong Tha Ke Somnang Nas - Midada // Get It Here