Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Album] M Production CD Vol 63 [ Sexy Love]

M CD Vol 63
Album Title: [Album] M Production CD Vol 63 [ Sexy Love]
Featured Artists: Kuma and Leakna
Release: 01 July 2014
Convert Type Mp3 Bitrate : 192 kbps
Quality : High
Frequency : 44100Hz
Channel : Stereo
Size : 56 MB 

01-Srolanh Bong Yok Kur (Kuma) |[GET IT HERE]        
02-Sexy Love (Lekana) |[GET IT HERE]                            
03-Songsa Jas Songsa Thmey (Kuma Ft Lekana) | [GET IT HERE]          
04-Or Ay Ny (Lekana) |  [GET IT HERE]            
05-Chong Mean Sneha (Kuma) | [GET IT HERE]    
06-Aek Ak Doch Kur (Lekana) |  [GET IT HERE]    
07-Pi Mun Ro Hot Dol Pel Nis Nov Ta Srolanh (Lekana) | [GET IT HERE]  
08-We Run The Night (Kuma) |   [GET IT HERE]      
09-Ber Bong Man Thmey Som Brap Oun Phong (Lekana) | [GET IT HERE]
10-Khoch Chet Lek Nis Chher Chang Bath Borng Sneha Tet (Kuma) | [GET IT HERE]


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