Sunday, June 8, 2014

[Album] Town VCD Vol 40

[Album] Town VCD Vol 40 
Featured Artists: Ly Evatina , Sokun Nisa, Sasa ,AnyZam ,Meas Soksophea
Release: June 2014
Quality : High HD
Mp4 and DAT
Channel : Stereo
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01. Intro Album Monus Srey | [Get It Now]
02. Sneh Pit Mean Te Nov Knong Kon (Phea) [Get It Now]
03. Monus Del Kjum Srolanh Muk Lerng Deu (Anny Zam) [Get It Now]
04. Kjum Khmean Vetamun (Nisa) [Get It Now]
05. Sneha Kur Aoy Klach (Sa Sa) [Get It Now]
06. Ke Plich Yerng Bath Huy (Thina) [Get It Now]
07. Monus Srey (All Stars) [Get It Now]
08. Chong Mean Songsa Part Time (Nisa) | [Get It Now]
09. Bros Saart Knong Facebook (Thina) | [Get It Now]
10. Khernh Muk Chong Ka'urt (Phea) |[Get It Now]
11. Bong Cute Keb (Anny Zam) | [Get It Now]
12. Yol Sob (Sa Sa) | [Get It Now]
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