Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Album] Town CD Vol 54 | Khmer Song 2014

Town CD Vol 54 Full Album
Featured Artists: Narin, Sith ,Ly Evatina......
Release: June 2014
Please buy CD Original to help support our Khmer Art.
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T855_01. Srolanh Bong Bonder Bomder Sin Tov -(Sith)  [Get It Here]
T855_02. Steve Ot Luy Sne Chom Songsa Pontea -(Narin) [Get It Here]
T855_03. Oun Chhie Oun Derng Oun Cham -( LY Evatina) [Get It Here]
T855_04. Srolnah Bong Chhea Kam Robos Oun- (Sith) [Get It Here]
T855_05. Oun Srolanh Ke But Hoy -( LY Evatina) [Get It Here]
T855_06. Som Tos De Bong Pro Chhann Oun -(Narin) [Get It Here]
T855_07. Chong Rok Nek Rok Peak Loy Loung Ke- (Sith) [Get It Here]
T855_08. Bontub Keng Robos Khnhom -( LY Evatina) [Get It Here]
T855_09. Tunh Songsa Kloun Eng Nas -(Narin) [Get It Here]
T855_10. Tve Ouy Songsa Rouch Kor Bonh Chop Vinh - (Sith) [Get It Here]

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