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Album: Town Production VCD Karaoke Vol 34
Album Title: Pink Day
Featured Artists: Karona Pich, Sokun Therayu, Ly Evathina, Meas Soksophea
Released Date: 28/Jan/2014

01. Knhom Smos Ke Ke Smos Neak Phseng - Sophea | Get It Here
02. Somleng Besdong Oun - Sokun Therayu | Get It Here
03. Banteay Meanchey Den Dey Sneh - Karona Pich | Get It Here
04. Yerng Srolanh Ke Keu Vea Anhcheong - Evathina | Get It Here
05. Sneh Bong Kleng Klay Tae Oun Chheu Chab Chea Ka Pet - Sophea | Get It Here
06. Tngai Ci Chompu - Meas Soksophea | Get It Here
07. Sdab Bot Chomreang Nik Dol Roeung Khloun - Therayu | Get It Here
08. Srolanh Amouy Kon Hea Mab - Karona Pich | Get It Here
09. Songsa Chas Oun Trolob Mok Vinh Heuy - Evathina | Get It Here
10. Deung Khloun Tov Tha Ke Phlech Bong Heuy - Sophea | Get It Here
11. Nik Ke Klang Pek Tech Knhom Chhkout Tov - Therayu | Get It Here

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